[Can you put milk in soy milk]_ cow’s milk _ how to put

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[Can you put milk in soy milk]_ cow’s milk _ how to put

[Can you put milk in soy milk]_ cow’s milk _ how to put

Soy milk and milk are relatively healthy drinks. Many people like to drink soy milk or milk at breakfast.

Soy milk and milk do not conflict, and they can be mixed together. Of course, when cooking fresh soy milk, you ca n’t cook it with milk.Yes, it also works well.

Can I drink milk with soy milk? Mixing soy milk with milk is more healthy, but milk and fresh soy milk cannot be cooked together.

Because the trypsin inhibitor contained in fresh soybean milk can stimulate insulin and inhibit trypsin activity.

This substance needs to be destroyed at a temperature of 100 ° C for several minutes.

Otherwise, it is said that the boiled soy milk is easily poisoned after eating.

And if milk is boiled in high temperature, it will worsen the protein and vitamins in milk and reduce the nutritional value of milk, which is actually a waste.

Therefore, milk and fresh soy milk should not be cooked together.

There are so many advantages of soy milk, but the practice of soy milk is not difficult, especially when the soy milk machine is in each household, it is more convenient to make soy milk yourself.

Soymilk can be made from either soybeans or black beans, and there are even indications that black soybean milk is more nutritious than soybean milk.

Then let ‘s learn how to make soy milk.

[The practice of soy milk]Material: 100g of soybeans, appropriate amount of Yuanzheng sugar Tools: Soymilk machine practice: 1, let the soybeans foam for about 6 hours early.

2. Wash the soybeans.

3. Pour soy beans into it and add water to 1300ml.

4. Turn on the wet bean function of the soymilk maker.

5. When the soy milk is beaten, pour out the residue.

6. Add the right amount of sugar at the end.

[The practice of black soybean milk]Materials: 200 grams of black beans, 800 grams of water, sugar juice practice: 1. Wash the black beans, soak them in warm water at 50 ° C for 1 night, and pour the black beans with the water soaked into the blenderBeat the black beans for about 2 minutes.

2. Filter the soy milk into the bowl with a drain net, keep the soybean residue for later use, and then filter the soybean milk into the pot with the drain net.

3, heat the soy milk to high heat, boil off the heat, add sugar and stir to melt.